Welcome to Badilauna Lodge.

Badilauna Lodge is a local lodge, situated in the Milne Bay province of Papua New Guinea. Nestled thirty minutes across the bay from the main township of Alotau, Badilauna stands idylically on the banks of the Dawadawa River and is a tropical getaway for the avid adventurer and backpacker, the individual seeking rejuvenation and relaxation or a secluded venue for an intimate wedding.  The lodge is surrounded by pristine, untouched rain forest which boasts of tropical flora and fauna.

We invite you to the beautiful eastern tip of Papua New Guinea, where the Dawadawa beckons you.  Come and experience the enchantment of the Dawadawa.

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Badilauna Lodge
Experience the enchantment of the Dawadawa


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Established in 2014, Badilauna Lodge is owned by indigenous folk within the Tawala district of the Milne Bay province.  The lodge was formed to support the local community, from which money received from fees go toward enabling the empowerment of local people through education, basic health services and sustainable agriculture.

This ecotourist destination provides visitors with tranquil surroundings. Adorned with serene waterways, virgin rain forest and beautiful bird life, Badilauna draws visitors to a world of its’ own.

Like most of Papua New Guinea, the land is customarily owned bearing rich heritage for the local custodians. As such, the fees and rates charged assist with maintaining and preserving the property and the surrounding natural environment.

Our Services

Backpacker Accommodation
The lodge provides a bed and breakfast backpacker experience for trekkers and adventurous visitors. Such is our partnership with PNG Trekking.  Our bungalows are made of traditional material to provide our visitors with a typical Milne Bay lodging experience.

Trekking, Bird watching and Waterfalls
Upon request, trekking and bird watching to the top of Tutuabo mountain behind the lodge can be arranged, with the aid of a local guide.  Tutuabo provides a breath-taking panaromic view of the Alotau bay and is historic to the early settlers of Badilauna. Hike to the top of Tutuabo and visit the early meeting place , where chairs are carved out of rock or enjoy the serenity of the waterfalls below Tutuabo.

Picnics and Day trips
Badilauna offers an idyllic venue for family or group outings. We offer day trips to and from Badilauna to the main jetty in Alotau. Daily departure commences at 8am and 4pm from Alotau.
* A minimum group booking of six people is offered.

Badilauna provides a scenic venue to host intimate garden weddings. An ideal destination for close family and friends to be a part of.Please inquire with us about what we can offer.

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